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Pat Daugherty Remembered

Pat Daugherty passed away last month. His legacy is living on the State College Borough Council even voted to create a physical tribute in his honor. Dylan Huberman tells us how.

Pat Daugherty was arguably the most recognizable face in town for most of his adult life.

He owned the Tavern restaurant for 40 years, and the walkway, formerly known as Centennial Walkway, is appropriately right outside the restaurant. The Tavern and part are the reason it is the Centennial walkway.

It is there the reason that that that is such a treasured area in town.

So it was a it was an easy decision to change that. The name of that to the Pat Daugherty walkway. Although Sean says Pat may have deemed the action unnecessary, he begs to differ.

It’s just a lasting tribute whether whether in his humble opinion, it needs to be done or not.

It 100% was something that was important to our elected body and our organization to make sure that he is recognized. And Sean’s fondly remembers the first time he met Pat.

“Fittingly, at the Tavern first time whenever I was interviewing getting to know the borough manager to get the position here, we went down to sit at the Tavern

and and Pat came by to say hi to both of us and introduced himself to me. And this was before I even got the job, before I even joined the State College community.”

And and it just, you know, it’s one of the things that’s the first impression I’ve had of the community was was Pat Daugherty and the Tavern in Centre County.

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