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Pasta For a Purpose

Hundreds of people gathered at a local church today to raise money and support for a COVID 19 survivor. With us now, we’re talking to a lot of people that he hasn’t seen for a while, and he’s just amazed about the amount of people that came out to support him.

Frank Arcurio of Johnstown’s spent almost 300 days in the hospital and nursing home with COVID 19. The virus left him on a ventilator, on a feeding tube, and even in the ICU, along with paralysis in his hands and legs.

And today, to help him pay for his medical bills, his family, friends and the community held this fundraiser at St. Benedict Church, where Frank is an active member of. It was called Pasta for a purpose. And dozens of baskets were raffled off along with sports memorabilia.

And Frank told us he is incredibly happy with the support he’s received over the past couple of months.


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