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Pa’s Slow Vaccine Rollout

Its a top priority for many right now getting a COVID-19 vaccination.

But here in Pennsylvania, there’s been delays and other problems.

Today two of the state’s top lawmakers talked about the changes they’d like to see.

Even Governor Tom Wolf admits frustrations with the state’s COVID-19 vaccination program

“So i know the vaccination distribution in Pennsylvania is going slow than any of us,all of us prefer”

So what to do? To make improvements. Friday is the first meeting for the newly formed state legislative task force on the vaccination program

“I’d like to see the task force appoint a czar,one person to be in charge,and we could look elsewhere at how other states are doing this and get others involved, even Chick Fila in the roll out”

On the house side, the house majority leader agrees with enlisting outside help

“We introduced a bill to use the national guard we know the military is good at this type of thing,we used them last year for the roll out,so why not use them now and thats not a cut to anybody”

According to the state Department Of Health, just over 1.5 million covid vaccine dose have now been distributed in Pennsylvania.


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