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Parents Dont Want Hybrid Learning

As school districts across the region begin the new school year, some parents in Cambria County are speaking out against the plans at their local school district.

Northern Cambria School District plans to welcome students back to school with a hybrid learning plan. The school is implementing this model with the help of Google Classrooms. Two days out of the week, half of the students will experience in-person instruction, while the other half will be at home, participating in lessons, in real time.

“In addition to that, the class and the lesson will be recorded and posted up and can be referenced at a later time by the student, parent, anyone who needs help,” said superintendent, Robert Rocco.

Since the announcement of this hybrid plan, a group of concerned parents wrote a letter, signed by close to 100 families calling for the school district to offer face to face learning five days a week. we spoke with one of these parents who signed the petition who wished to stay anonymous.

“They are asking these kids to watch on these Chrome books, at least six hours a day. Because they’re going to be live and a teacher is going to be talking. And this is very unrealistic and absolutely laughable if you think five, six and seven-year olds are going to sit there and watch this,” said the concerned parent.

Originally, the school district was planning to welcome students back full-time but adjusted their return to school plan because of new guidelines put out by the department of health, which advises schools in the moderate level to offer hybrid learning plans. Superintendent, Robert Rocco understands the frustrations of parents, but is just trying to keep everyone safe and healthy.

“I understand the parents being upset I really do our plan is to try and get back in with the hybrid model and immediately to start and access our case numbers with our goal being to as quickly as possible with our youngest students, get them back to face to face as quickly as we can in a way that is as safe as possible,” said Rocco.

Visit Northern Cambria School District’s website to view the return to school health and safety plan.

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