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Pa Vaccine

Will enough people get the vaccine for it To actually be effective in ending the pandemic. Sarah Metts examines that
topic in tells us who will be offered to in Pennsylvania first.

Now that the vaccine received the go ahead for emergency use In the United States the question is whether or not people will receive it when it becomes available to them.

“I it will be getting the vaccine when it’s available to us I just believe in the science behind it.”

But others feel like the vaccine was rushed 1 person on our Twitter page wrote “They rushed a vaccination it wont be ready for more than 10 years down the road.”

“I have issues that were overlooked no thank you as for the elderly they should”

Officials say about 3 million doses of the vaccine could be shipped nationwide as soon as next week in pPennsylvania health officials say they will work to get the vaccine.

Out in 3 phases focusing on critical populations before opening it up to the general population on our twitter page another person writes that they will get the vaccine as they say their stress is due to concerns of being infected

When available the vaccine is recommended for people age 16 and older.

So will this mean universities will require their students to receive it before returning to campus in the future Penn State student Jessica Briggs thinks that would help prevent the spread.

“But I think when it is available it’s really not about idea. They already require us to get immunized for other things before moving into the dorm so I don’t see how this is any different.”

But another student tells us.

“I do not believe that this vaccine is going to be the solution for years on end until they fully understand this virus I’m not against it but I will not be the 1st to raise my hand.”

A Gallup poll finds that 63 percent of Americans say that they’re willing to receive the vaccine against this disease. The World Health Organization estimates that 65-70 percent of a given population must be.

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