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PA Long Term Care Support

With the Fall resurgence in full swing, State Officials are implementing various programs to support Long Term Care Facilities. State Agencies are making efforts to protect the most vulnerable citizens from COVID-19. As COVID-19 cases rise across the State, Officials rolled out the Regional Response Health Collaborative to provide support to Long Term Care Facilities.

Teresa Miller, Secretary of the Department of Human Services saying: “Each of us know how dangerous COVID-19 can be in Congregate Care settings, particularly in settings who serve people who are medically fragile or who have other health vulnerabilities.” According to Teresa Miller, the RHHC Program provides operational, clinical, and administrative support to Long Term Care Facilities. She says this program made it possible to meet the universal testing goal for facilities and they’re able to deploy Rapid Response Teams to handle outbreaks.

As of Monday, Elk Haven nursing home reports 56 active confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 11 active cases of COVID-19 within their staff members. As of last Friday, the DuBois Nursing Home reports 0 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 from both Residents and Staff. With these numbers, local Nursing Homes are adjusting their visitor policies to mitigate the Virus. According to the Executive Director of the DuBois Continuum of Care Lori Jamison their visitor policy hasn’t changed. She says they can do window visits along with virtual visits for their Residents. For Guardian Elder Care Facilities, Visitors are restricted from Nursing Homes, unless it’s an end-of-life situation or a Visitor is deemed essential for the patient’s emotional well-being.

State Officials say they will continue working to stabilize outbreaks in Nursing Homes and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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