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Pa Hospitals at Capacity

Geisinger has run out of beds in its health care system.

Sadly it’s a shared concern among hospitals across our region.

Samantha York continues to follow the surges and staffing issues health systems are facing.

“I know that’s interesting For me who runs a hospital saying how can we help you stay out of the hospital”

The reality for hospitals across the commonwealth.

“ED overcrowding isn’t an ED problem it’s a hospital throughput issue”

By law, emergency rooms can’t turn away patients seeking treatment but an influx of patients are causing backlogs and, in turn, long wait times for patients.

“It’s not because of lack of efficiency that we haven’t seen them it’s truly because we’re taking care of so many other patients that are way more critical”

Geisinger is one of the largest health systems in the state. It’s at 110 percent capacity across it’s nine hospitals.

“There’s times that we have to overflow into our tent for capacity”

90 Percent of Geisinger’s COVID-19 cases are among unvaccinated patients. 8 Percent of the vaccinated patients were vaccinated more than 8 months ago. It’s raising concerns of the past.

“Last winter was rough and our hospitals were stretched a capacity staff a stretch to capacity ERs were stretched at that number and we’re really concerned that we’re going to exceed that number again”

But it’s not just COVID-19 slamming these systems. They have fewer employees treating sicker patients.

“People put off a lot of health care during the early stages of the pandemic and unfortunately now they’re paying a price for that”

It’s causing ed’s to adjust their workflow caring for patients in the waiting room.

“If patients aren’t leaving the floor in as a timely manner as they used to then I have less beds upstairs to send patients to”

Emergency departments are triaging patients and treating some in the waiting rooms themselves.

And while patients can’t legally be turned away from the ED hospitals are urging them to reconsider the best places to get treatment for certain issues that arise.

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