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Pa Delta Variant

An unpublished document from the CDC states that the new COVID-19 delta variant appears to be just as contagious as Chicken Pox.

Across the state we have more than 1,100 new positive cases with a two week trend of hospitalizations continuing to increase.

However, Governor Tom Wolf says even though he is concerned with the recent rise in cases, he believes Pennsylvania is one of the best states when it comes to covid numbers.

“Our area specifically is in moderate transmission, so the recommendation is people who are fully vaccinated would not necessarily have to mask, but people who are not fully vaccinated should be
masking when they are out and about. I completely support the use of masks, masking is one of our best tools to stop the spread of the virus.”

Doctor Elizabteth Dunmore from Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center also says she fully supports mask wearing during this time of uncertainty.

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