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Pa COVID-19 Cases

As case counts in the US as well as Pennsylvania are dropping, Crispin Havener explains, it’s not necessarily the case locally. While there continues to be optimism that as vaccine numbers slowly rise, COVID cases are coming down nationally and after some delay in Pennsylvania, the local numbers continue to be a mixed bag.

While the state’s 14 day average has fallen 14% heading into the day Monday, five are local counties are seeing cases still on the rise, with Jefferson County seeing a 40% spike in cases.

By far the highest case rate per capita in the state, with Blair County tied for second and most of our counties as well are seeing hospitalizations continue to rise while the state continues to trend down.

Health officials, though, are encouraged that numbers will continue to go down statewide as the number of unvaccinated people continues to dwindle. When people start seeing that the vaccinations are being distributed and they’re being administered and things are going well, people gain more confidence.

“So I think that number is going to increase. But one problem the data shows facing Pennsylvania is getting people to come back for a second dose.”

DC data shows about 10 million Pennsylvanians have received at least one shot. More than 2 million of those people are not considered fully vaccinated.

That percentage gap of the percent of the population receiving their first dose and the percent of the population fully vaccinated is the second highest in the nation, only to Hawaii.


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