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Pa. Cases of Avian Flu

More precautions were announced today in hopes of avoiding an Avian Flu outbreak in Pennsylvania.

Avian Flu which infects birds, has already been confirmed in 26 states this year including many surrounding Pennsylvania.

The Agriculture Department Today ordering a temporary ban on poultry and egg exhibitions for the next two months in Pennsylvania.

Avian Flu is highly contagious. Millions of chickens, mainly in the midwest, have already been killed and Pennsylvania’s poultry industry is a $7 billion dollar a year business.

“So it is vast, it has worsened. we know well, based on the experience of 1983-84, what the impact economically can be.”

That’s when Pennsylvania’s last outbreak of Avian Flu occurred.

This year’s outbreak is one of the reasons we’re now paying more for eggs.

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