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Online Shopping Safety

Local police and the Cambria County district attorney’s office have a message for people shopping for items online after the Denise William’s homicide.

Haleigh Dibetta tells us what police want people to know.

This all started when Denise Williams just wanted to buy something online police want to make sure if you pickup something you bought online in person that it doesn’t cost you your life

On the hunt for a refrigerator Denise Williams turned to Facebook Marketplace she found one she liked and on Monday went to the seller Joshua Gorgone’s apartment in Geistown

“She went there to look at a fridge and never came out”

Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees says Gorgone stabbed Williams to death law enforcement hope from this tragedy people be more careful when shopping online

“By way of a general public announcement use caution when you’re dealing with anyone or anything purchasing something through the Internet, meeting up with someone don’t go alone, don’t invite someone into your house alone to look at something, always have someone with you or if possible meet in a public well lit place”

Neugbauer says to also keep any conversation with a seller only about the item for sale just make a time and place to meet something harmless like saying you’ll be at work until 5 and can meet after gives them too much information on where you are and when.

“This incident was unfortunate it was a tough scene it was a tough call for myself and my officers”

While the community is shocked something like this could happen in what many call a safe and quiet area borough police says it’s still a safe place but people should always keep their guard up

The misconception is if you live in a small town or a small city you know you don’t have the crime as the big cities, we all have the same crimes it’s just not in the volume because we don’t have the population. it can happen anywhere”

Police also say if you’re buying something off of Facebook Marketplace do some research on the seller if you can go to their profile to see if anything looks suspicious.

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