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On The Go Baking Co.

The Wilson Family moved across the Country from Washington to be closer to family in State College, and raise their kids in the growing community. That growing population has lead Melissa Wilson to realize her lifelong dream of launching a bakery. However, this one’s different from the rest.

Melissa Wilson’s recipe for her Bakery on Wheels started from scratch. Owning her own Bakery has been a lifelong aspiration, and with a cross-country move and two kids, it wasn’t going to be easy. However, now that her kids are going to School, and they are comfortable after a few years in Centre County, now seemed like the right time to try. Melissa Wilson, Owner of On The Go Baking Co. saying: “I wasn’t able to work and start on this bakery dream until just recently. Now they’re both getting ready to go to school next year, so we figured now was just the perfect time to get started and, you know, really make this dream a reality.”

The Mobile concept wasn’t her and her husband Tyler’s initial plan. Melissa adding: “So originally, I wanted to do something out of our house but since we have children and pets, we were unable to do a cottage law kitchen. So we brainstormed and we said ‘do we do an addition on our house?’ But I don’t really want to have a commercial kitchen attached to my house. How can we make this happen, how can we make this dream become a reality?” That’s where the internet came in. “We settled on doing a food truck or trailer and so we started looking on pinterest and we found a lot of ideas for how to build your own food trailer, and so we just went for it. I mean, we winged it (laughing) but I think it turned out really nice.”

They purchased a new, empty trailer, gave it some serious bells and whistles, and about ten-grand later, it was ready to go. As the pandemic trends in the right direction, Wilson says she’s excited to get it moving, saying: “It’ll be really nice to be able to see people and their bright, shiny faces without masks and, you know, just be able to come out and enjoy and luckily, we’re at a really safe spot because you’re outdoors, I’m indoors, we don’t have to worry about the spread and it’s just going to be so nice to be able to get back to normal.”

Another interesting fact? Wilson is gluten free, and after having one of those lemon bars, that’s the only way to avoid eating a bunch at once.

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