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Old Willow Falls

Friday’s windy conditions brought the demise of a Historic Tree on Penn State’s Campus. The original Old Willow was planted on Penn State’s Campus back in the 1800s. On Friday, high winds uprooted the Third Descendant of the famous tree.

Mother Nature’s aggressive winds brought down the Campus landmark on Friday afternoon. Located on Old Main Lawn, the tree was the third of it’s kind at Penn State. The original cutting was planted in 1859 by former PSU Professor William Waring. Legend has it that the cutting was obtained by former PSU President Evan Pugh from the home of British Poet Alexander Pope.

The original tree succumbed to a storm in 1923 and pieces of that tree helped grow the Second Descendant before this most recent tree replaced it in the Seventies. A Fourth Generation Old Willow will be grown with remains of its predecessor in the University’s Tree Nursery, and will eventually be planted back on Campus.

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