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Officer Russell Update

More about Corrections Officer Rhonda Russell. She was shot and killed Wednesday in Blair County. Now it all started when inmate Christopher Aikens took her weapon and assaulted her inside of a holding area at the Blair County Central Court Building.

Court documents state Russell was watching over several inmates by herself when the assault happened during the assault against pushed Russell into the line of fire when an Altoona police officer fired a weapon at him, instead killing her. Blair County Sheriff James Ott spoke with us about what will be done to remember Russell.

“So when you take your oath, you certainly take the oath to protect and serve and to do the job to the best of your ability, and you certainly hope, especially in a community the size of ours, that we aren’t listing names on our wall. Sadly, the reality in the somberness of it is that we have to add a name to the wall and it’s it kind of brings back and opens the eyes that you just don’t know from one day to the next what what you’re going to walk into.”

Next Monday, that is November 29th, a service for Russell will be held at the County Convention Center. That ceremony will be open to the public.


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