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Oakhurst Homes Arrest

Johnstown police say a man is in custody following an hours long hostage situation at Oakhurst homes.

Johnstown Police Chief Richard Pritchard told 6 News that officers received a radio call from 911 around 11:45 a.m. Tuesday regarding an armed man reportedly holding three people against their will.

Pritchard explained that a 17-year-old was able to escape and explain to police what was happening.

They said the SWAT team was called in and contained the scene, but authorities were unable to make contact with the man inside for an extended period of time.

Eventually, Pritchard said they were able to convince the man to surrender.

“Negotiators responded with the SWAT team and they negotiated a surrender of the individual,” said Chief Pritchard. “He came out peacefully, was taken into custody without incident.”

He said there was a warrant out for the individual inside.

Officers are executing a search warrant at the apartment as the investigation continues, Pritchard said.

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