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Not Much Change at some Schools

School districts we spoke with said they have already finalized their plans amid the new COVID-19 guidance for schools, most of them said not much is going to change from their current learning model.

In the Punxsutawney Area School District, students had three choices for learning: full time in person instruction, hybrid learning OR full time online.

“The new instruction that we received yesterday isn’t really changing our model to be quite honest with you. We’ve been following all the COVID protocols and all the COVID regulations given to us from the very beginning from the Department of Health,” said Dr. Thomas Lesniewski, Superintendent for the Punxsutawney Area School District.

Dr. Lesniewski said the only thing this new guidance will change is winter athletes wearing face coverings during practice.

“We really have no internal spread within our organization cases, the case we are dealing with are from the outside coming into our organization,” he said.

According to Jeff Vizza Superintendent of the Brockway Area School District, prior to these new guidelines they gave students four options for learning: full time in person or online instruction, a blend of both or homeschooling.

Starting on December 1st they’ll be switching to a blended model for grades 7-12 while the elementary school will continue full time in person instruction.

Vizza said Grades 7-12 students will attend school in person every other day in split groups.

Like many schools in the area, officials said they’re taking this one day at a time.

“We’re making do on a day by day basis today is day 62 for us with face to face education so tomorrow obviously is the last day before the holiday break and we will continue to monitor this,” Dr.Lesniewski.

Dr. Lesniewski said they’ll have a school board meeting next Thursday to discuss this current school safety plan.

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