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North Tower 9/11 Survivor

20 Years Ago on Saturday, the Twin Towers fell to the ground following the attacks of 9/11. One Survivor who was working in the North Tower at the time is from Somerset County.

On September 11th, 2001, thousands of people were working inside the Twin Towers going about their days when the attacks happened. One of the people working in the North Tower on the 27th floor was Bryan Patrick, a Somerset County native. He says he actually saw and heard the plane outside his office window, but he never expected it to crash into the building 50 floors above him.

After a terrifying race down the stairwell, he safely made it out of the building. Bryan says he saw with his own eyes the horrors that were people jumping from the tower to escape the flames. He says most people thought it was an accident until the second tower was impacted. People suddenly knew it wasn’t an accident, but an attack on America.

Bryan ran to Battery Park to try and catch a Ferry so he could get back home to New Jersey. Then, he saw the building collapse. While waiting for the Ferry, he thought of his wife and 4 children, who he needed to get home to. He got a spot on the Ferry in the chaos and was able to borrow a stranger’s cell phone to call his wife and let her know he made it out alive.

Bryan says he was lucky to make it out alive, and he believes that he needed to survive to get home to his wife and children.

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