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Nnaemeka Ani

We first saw Nnaemeka Ani in 2018,after being charged with raping a woman whose apartment he broke into. In fact police say the former Penn State graduate student, broke into a series of Centre region apartments.

The rape case and initial burglary charges were in Ferguson Township. They were resolved, with Ani last year convicted and sentenced to at least 8 and half years behind bars. But they were similar burglary related charges in neighboring State College Borough.

There was a legal challenge and a recent superior court ruling that led to those charges from 2018 being refiled. But in the court opinion ,it mentions new evidence that prosecutors with the help of digital forensics specialists, examined Ani’s cell phone and found photos and video,that appeared to be shot through windows ,of a partially nude woman and a couple engaged in sex.

That led to new set of charges of being filed with the Centre County district attorney office saying they’re still reviewing other possible charges. Even though he’ll remain jailed a new bail amount was set for Ani at just over 182 thousand dollars. Thats substantially lower than his previous bail which was 5 million dollars

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