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NFL Playoff Overtime Rule Change

The Bills and the Chiefs were in last year’s AFC Championship game.

This year we got their rematch in the divisional round and it might just go down as one of the greatest games in NFL post season history.

And to think it wasn’t even a Superbowl or even a Conference Championship game!

It turned out that 60 minutes just weren’t enough for 2 of the brightest quarterbacks in the game Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes.

But here is what many have taken issue with.

The Chiefs won the overtime coin toss walked right down the field and Pat Mahomes found Travis Kelce in the end zone for the walk off winner.

A game that saw the 2 starting QB’s combine for 7 touchdowns and no interceptions came down to the flip of a coin.

But now that will change at least in the playoffs.

By a vote of 29-3 the NFL owners approved a move that will guarantee both teams a possession in overtime of playoff games.

The current setup for regular season games in which the winning team of the coin toss can walk off on a touchdown will remain in place.

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