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In 2020 we saw the NFL modify their off-season to fit the safety guidelines of the COVID-19 pandemic a year later and we are still not in the clear. Players from many teams around the league have stated they will not be attending in-person offseason workouts.

But instead will be participating in virtually as they did last year I know at least 14 teams have released statements through the NFL Players Association so far the Steelers are a part of that group here is the statement they released.

We should not be made to compromise our health and safety. The players of the Pittsburgh Steelers have decided to exercise our right to not participate in voluntary in-person activities. A virtual offseason helped keep us safe to not only start, but finish the regular season as safely as possible

And it makes no sense for us to risk infection or injury in the spring if we don’t have to our team holds each other accountable to the highest professional standards and we will prepare as we always do to be the best for Steelers nation.

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