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New Tik Tok Challenge

The Orbeez’s Challenge Trend on social media platform. Tik Tok is causing drama all across the country. This trend is seeing people put orbs pellets into toy guns and then shoot them at random, unsuspecting people.

Earlier this week, Greater Johnstown School District briefly went into lockdown after a sighting of an AK 47 replica.

And in a separate incident, multiple people were on the receiving end of several shots at a public park in Bellwood last month.

Dylan Huberman spoke with law enforcement officials about this development. Recent incidents involving these pellet guns in Cambria County, as well as here at the Bellwood Antis Community Park in Blair County, are problematic.

And Blair County District Attorney Pete Weeks says his office has taken notice.

“It’s a huge public safety concern. It’s a concern for law enforcement. You have issues with the public not understanding that the guns are not real. Even though the guns aren’t real guns, they’re still hurling projectiles.”

Weeks said that these instances may not involve real guns, but the consequences for participating are very real.

“If people are just trying to do things and don’t care about whether they hurt other people or endanger other people or hurt property, then they’re going to be prosecuted.”

And Tyrone Police Officer Austin Miller said these guns cause trouble because they often look very real. B.B. Guns, airsoft guns.

“The manufacturers make them look almost identical to real guns, and that can become a very dangerous situation.”

While this has yet to lead to a shooter’s death while dealing with law enforcement, officer Miller says it easily could be

“Anything that’s shaped like a gun, especially when it’s dark out or far away. It’s hard to make out. And during that time, you know what? Mistakes can be made.”

Unfortunately, Week says public offenses committed with these guns are currently treated like paintball offenses for now.

“It would make sense now that this is being utilized as a social media tactic to stiffen and enhance those laws, especially in public settings like this, you know, where you’re risking the safety of children.”

Please report any public pellet gun incidents in your community to local police and Blair County.

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