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New Mask Mandate

Earlier this week, a Commonwealth Court judge ruled that the state order requiring masks inside of K-12 schools must expire on December fourth. The judge’s dismissal of the state’s order speeds up the then planned expiration in January that Governor Wolf announced last week.

Dylan Huberman spoke to parents in Center County to hear their reaction to the ruling. For these parents, the emotions come from the expected return of choice and not from either side of the masking debate.

“You know, all I’m asking is for the autonomy to have autonomy over my own body and to make those choices for my children.”

As a parent, Cara Artiola says the court ruling was monumental. I think that is a huge step forward in saying, you know, there are illegal things going on foot. She doesn’t plan on sending her kids to school mass after December fourth and a school like setting nine times out of ten.

“Even when I’m out with the school now, people are pulling them down anyhow. The amazing thing is, even with the masks and their COVID was still running rampant, I had two kids that were sent home, you know, on quarantine because they sat next to someone with a mask and they still had to be quarantined for ten days. So what’s the point?”

But when I spoke with State College parent Kristina Whitaker after the then January deadline was announced last week, she said her kids would likely remain masked.

“Yeah, my kids wear masks in public and it just seemed like the safe option, the loving option, in case they were carrying COVID and didn’t know what we I mean, heaven forbid that they would hurt anyone else. We would never want to do that. So that’s why we chose to wear masks as a family.”

But Whitaker is also in favor of parents getting to choose whether they mask their kids.

She just hopes they do. What other parents do is their decision. Just like what I do as a parent is my decision. I would once again just hope that everyone loves their neighbor and really kind of makes decisions for the good of the community.

But while Artiola believes the ruling is a victory, she says it might not be the end of the story.

“But that’s also giving the governor time to potentially, you know, enforce another state of emergency, which would then give the Department of Health Control to come back and file.
so we don’t know. Like, I’m hoping it’s the fourth, but I don’t know. ”


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