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New Details on Deadly Cambria County Shooting

A man from Cambria Township is charged with shooting and killing his Grandson Friday evening. On Monday, Investigators released more details of what they believe led up to the fatal shooting. According to the criminal complaint, Jacob Fisher’s grandmother called 9-1-1 saying her husband had shot and killed their grandson Friday evening. When police arrived on scene, they say they found Fisher shot to death by a single bullet to the chest.

Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer says: “It appears there was a domestic dispute between Mr. Oblinksy and the victim, Jacob fisher, his grandson.” A family member we spoke with who did not want to speak on camera says there was a fight leading up to the incident, then a shot was fired ‘accidentally.’ The family member also says Fisher has a history of violence. According to court documents, Fisher was charged with harassment, simple assault, terroristic threats and more for an incident back in November 2020, which he served time for in Somerset County Prison.

Investigators believe the fatal shooting was not justified, leading to charges of criminal homicide and aggravated assault to be filed against Oblinksy. Neugebauer adding: “Before charges are filed, we take a look at the facts and circumstances to determine whether or not the homicide may be justified, self-defense, something along those lines. Based on the facts and circumstances as was evident from the scene, from interviews and from all of the evidence, it was determined that this was not an instance of justified homicide. Therefore, we filed charges against Mr. Oblinksy.”

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