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New Details in Deadly Coalport Fire

After a Deadly Fire in Coalport Friday night, many questions remain regarding the Suspect’s relationship to the Victims involved in the fire. Authorities are getting closer to those answers and tell us where they are in their investigation.

Authorities say Jonathan Gallaher was arrested after setting a house on fire in the 600 Block of Main Street in Coalport Friday night. Two people escaped the fire but the Clearfield County Coroner says 33-year-old Matthew Troxwell died from Smoke Inhalation. Clearfield County District Attorney Ryan Sayers says Gallaher is facing multiple counts of Criminal and Attempted Homicide as well as several Arson-related charges. Sayers adding: “They have some follow up interviews to get the story straight but he was as far as we know invited into the home. He was in there he didn’t break in or anything but obviously while he was there it is believed that he started the fire.”

Sayers says Gallaher was a friend of the Owners of the home, but at this time they don’t know why he was there. According to Court Documents, the Home Owners were upset that Gallaher was using drugs in their home and they asked him to leave. Court Documents also say Gallaher told Police that he went to the home to buy drugs. But according to Sayers, they’re unsure if this was a Drug House. Sayers adding: “I don’t know if he has a history of drug use but apparently the individuals who were in the home believed that he had a history hence why they that initial report of them not wanting him to be doing drugs in the home.”

At this time, Sayers says they do not know what Troxwell’s relationship was to the suspect and the Owners of the home. Sayers saying: “They’re doing supplemental interviews today. He was clearly in the home but I don’t know if he was living there, visiting or what his relationship to the property was.”

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