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New COVID-19 Restrictions

With COVID-19 cases surging across the State, State Officials rolled out new restrictions to mitigate the Virus. Amid the fall resurgence, State Officials strengthened a universal mandatory mask order and a new COVID-19 testing requirement for those traveling in and out of the State. In a Press Conference Tuesday afternoon, Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine renewed her call for all Pennsylvanians to wear masks. Dr. Levine saying: “When indoors, masks will now be required anytime you are with people outside of your household even if you are socially distant.” But she says it’s up to businesses to enforce this order.

Another directive set to go into effect on Friday is a required COVID-19 test protocol when traveling. Dr. Levine saying: “I have issued an order requiring anyone who visits Pennsylvania from another state to get tested within 72 hours before entering the state.” This order also applies to those who are traveling out of Pennsylvania who plan to come back into the state. But how can the state ensure that this testing requirement is followed? Dr. Levine says it’s up to citizens to follow this order.

Dr. Levine stated during the Press Conference: “I think what we’re asking in all of our States, is we’re asking people not to travel we really want people to stay at home and to stay within their household.” She says these orders are not expectations but requirements from the State. The Secretary of Health also reminding Pennsylvanians of the power she has when it comes to mitigating COVID-19, saying: “I actually do have the authority as Secretary of Health to enforce isolation and quarantines, we’re not looking to take people to Court, but I do have that authority.”

Dr. Levine says it’s up to all Pennsylvanians to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and it starts with these requirements.

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