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New Child Care Guidelines

The Department of Human Services announced new Child Care options for working families during this Pandemic. Those Guidelines addressed Learning Pods and other school-age options. The State rolled out new Guidelines to help working families whose kids are learning remotely. Secretary of the Department of Human Services, Teresa Miller, says they made these policy changes 2 weeks ago with 2 goals in mind – to keep children safe and provide flexibility for working families.

Miller says Learning Pods are an option to allow families to take turns supervising each other’s children while they are learning remotely. She says a pod is no more than 12 of the same school-age children. Some of the requirements for learning pods include developing a COVID-19 Safety Plan and conducting background checks on each of the parents. Miller also says they extended the 90 day limit on non-licensed part-time school-age options, which include Summer overnight camps or sports camps to name a few.

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