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New Centre County Warehouse

Hundreds of new jobs along with a massive warehouse are on the drawing board in Centre County. But who the new employees would be working for, at this point, remains a mystery. Gary Sinderson has our story.

We got some clues Tuesday to who has plans to build here just outside of Bellefonte at the Benner Commerce Park. Final design plans discussed on a 103 acre site

“Showing development of a fulfillment center warehouse being 1 million, 80 thousand, 290 square feet”

A huge warehouse, over a million square feet. Fulfillment center is a supply chain term used by Fedex. Also two developers were on hand from the Suncap Property Group which has been involved in the planning of more than 30 Fedex facilities nationwide.

Although Suncap has also developed industrial facilities for other companies such as Amazon and G.E. Whoever, the plans are tied to its a massive project on a site just off interstate I-99 with I-80, also nearby the warehouse is projected to include 700 jobs, with 370 employees on the day shift, and the remainder working nights.

Plus plans call for 900 parking spaces for those workers and tractor trailers

“We were hoping the consultants could provide a little more context. they weren’t able to today.we did our best to find out more”

The warehouse project proposal still in the planning stages, with developers saying it could be months before the company behind the project is revealed.

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