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Neighbors React to Tyrone Fire

On Monday night, a Fire tore through a house on Pennsylvania Avenue in Tyrone, just steps away from the site of the fatal explosion a year ago this month. On Tuesday, emotions coming to the forefront for those who saw Monday night’s events up-close and personal. We returned to the scene to speak to neighbors after being there Monday night.

The Community in Tyrone still recovering after not one but now two tragedies, leaving those living on Pennsylvania Avenue feeling uneasy. One Resident says this might’ve been the last straw for her. Sherry Fink-Lockard saying: “It’s hitting too close to home. It might be time to get off of Pennsylvania Avenue. Been too much stuff going on here.”

And after last year’s disaster, she says this tragedy poses more questions. Sherry adding: “We’ve got two almost a year apart. I mean, kind of makes you wonder what’s going on, why this is happening here?” The Grandma, Mom and Daughter trio live right across the street from where this house once stood, and prepared to evacuate, like they had to last Summer. Jazmin Fink (Holding her daughter Luna in video) saying: “We kind of packed a bag just in case we had to leave.”

Fortunately, they weren’t forced out and they witnessed the resilience this community has needed amidst disaster time and time again. Sherry saying: “It was nice to see everybody (help). You know, it wasn’t this person against this person or this person was only there for this person. Everybody was here for everybody.” And most importantly, Jazmin says: “Nobody’s lives were lost, I’m happy about that.” Sherry adding: “I’m happy about that too.”

A State Police Fire Marshal continues to investigate the cause of the fire.

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