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National Voter Registration Day

Tuesday was national voter registration day and with the November election coming up hard on our heels, volunteers are working hard to get everyone registered and ready for the big day.

The holiday coincided with a John Fetterman rally, Fetterman is running for the U.S. Senate in November.

Fetterman spoke at the Kovalchick Complex at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania on Tuesday afternoon as a part of his campaign trail where hundreds of people showed up to support him while also having the opportunity to register to vote.

IUP Votes, a non-partisan organization that promotes civic engagement was there to help along with the process.

“Today we registered a ton of kids on campus,” said Joseph Popovich, a volunteer with IUP Votes. “We just had a large turnout and we will be continuing to register people all the way up until November as long as interest is this high.”

The volunteers also noted a positive trend in voter turnout.

“I’m just excited that we’re registering that many people every single time,” said Popovich. “Just comparing to old years, I just feel like we’re beating the mark every time we do an event so, it’s a good sign.”

To find more information about voting in Pennsylvania, visit VOTE.PA.GOV.

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