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National Chicken Wing Shortage

The Super Bowl is just a few days away, and chicken wings will be on the menu for many gatherings this weekend.

But a national chicken wing shortage will make them more expensive and harder to track down.

“We always prepare months before. We always reserve our stock of wings, so we have to always make sure we have it on Super Bowl Sunday. This year, there was a little bit of shortage, we…and the prices are high, they’re really high compared to other years. Even like last year and the year before, at least 30% more money.”

Mohamed Baccouche has been the manager of the restaurant for eighteen years and says that paying a premium for wings amid the shortage was never a question.

“Na, na we paying the price, so that’s what it is. Shortage? We pay the price to have it. Having it is better than struggling and not serving the people.”

And he bought half a literal ton.

“About a thousand pounds. A little bit over 6,000 pieces, hopefully we’re targeting this Sunday, plus the pizzas, so it should be a successful day.”

And switching to chicken thighs to beat the shortage was never up for discussion.

“No, wings is wings. They cannot change it. Like bone-in wings, it’s not like the boneless, not like the thighs, not like the drumsticks…It’s the American choice.”

And while last year wasn’t ideal for business with covid, Baccouche expects a rebound.

“Last year was a little bit of a slippery year, you know what I’m saying?…People, a lot of them are sensitive about the COVID and maybe this year, a little bit more comfortable with picking up and delivery, more bodies so, I think this year is going to make a big difference from last year.”

He’s also happy he can sell both wings and pizza for the big game.

“They’re always like the groom and the bride, you know? They go together. The pizza and the wings, so…that’s like a couple that never separate.”

Baccouche says the store is beginning to accept wing orders Tonight.

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