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Musician Spotlight: Steve Treado

We’re shining our “Musician Spotlight” on singer-songwriter Steve Treado.

Steve Treado is a singer, songwriter, musician, music teacher and audio/video producer from State College, PA. He operates Hedgerow Studio which he designed and built from the ground up, and which provides audio and video recording and production services and has worked with many area musicians on various audio and video projects. In addition to performing regularly, when that was possible, both solo and with a band, he has been a regular open mic and musician showcase host. He has wide ranging musical interests and plays multiple instruments, including guitars, piano, organ, bass guitar, mandolin, and drums. He has released three CD’s since 2017, the latest (Off the Grid) just last year.

Steve was born in North Carolina and was raised in a military family which meant he moved relatively frequently, living mostly in California and Virginia in different locations. His musical exposure began at home as his mother loved to play the piano and sing, and like so many others, he was drawn in by the music of the 1960’s by the Beatles, The Doors and the Byrds, to name a few. After graduating from high school in Virginia, he earned a BS in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University.

In college, he started taking music seriously, learning to play and forming a cover band. After graduation, he returned to the east coast to work as a research engineer for the federal government but continued to play music even taking two years off to play full time in a traveling band. Eventually though, the responsibilities of raising a family led to a return to part-time performing with various groups in the Washington, DC area. After some time, Steve accepted a faculty position in Architectural Engineering at Penn State, and subsequently moved to State College.

It took some time to assimilate into the local music scene, but he ended up joining a local classic rock band which had a pretty busy schedule, while also putting more effort into songwriting and recording. After retiring from the university, his musical endeavors returned to being his primary emphasis, leading to the development and construction of Hedgerow Studio, which is designed to be an esthetically and acoustically pleasing space. The studio has a collection of vintage instruments including a baby grand piano, a Hammond organ with Leslie speakers, a full drum kit, as well as an array of amplifiers and recording equipment. The studio has proved to be a vibrant and productive creative space for music and musicians. Steve has continued to write, record and perform new music, and is looking forward to continuing to explore new sounds.

Visit Steve’s website or Facebook page for more information.

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