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Mt. Nittany Medical Center Update

The Mount Nittany Medical Center continues to provide thousands of COVID-19 vaccinations as administrators say the nationwide lack of vaccine supply is their top frustration.

This week alone at Mt. Nittany, 25 hundred covid vaccinations were administered.

Overall, they’ve provided 72 hundred vaccinations with more than 3 thousand going to health care workers and first responders.

Hospital administrators say they continue to ask for more of the vaccine, but it’s simply not available.

Today, state health department officials confirmed it’s their top priority.

“And we hear those frustrations,again the main issue here is supply and we continue to work with the federal government to mitigate that situation and we ask people to make sure they keep that second dose appointment and stay aware as we move forward”

The Mt. Nittany Medical Center is preparing for another 5 thousand covid vaccinations in the next few weeks.

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