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Mt Nittany Changes Due to Pandemic

In Centre County, there were several changes Friday at the Mount Nittany Medical Center due to an increase in COVID-19 patients.

The hospital reported 13 COVID-19 patients Friday which led to rescheduling non-essential and elective surgeries, plus a special section of the hospital for COVID-19 patients has been opened.

Emergency and acute services are still available along with outpatient surgery.

The hospital’s patient numbers are being closely watched, especially in terms of what’s going on nearby at Penn State’s University Park campus.

While many of Centre County’s COVID-19 case numbers in recent weeks have been tied to Penn State cases, university administrators have stressed the more important figure is the possible community impact.

Officials say the key is what’s happening at the hospital and the possible spread from students or faculty to community members.

Penn State on reported an additional 195 COVID-19 cases at University Park Friday.

Since testing began there in August, there’s been a total of 3,159 positive tests recorded on campus.

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