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Mt. Aloysius Community Service Trip to Kentucky

Nine students and faculty members from Mount Aloysius College were on a community service trip to a school in Kentucky this morning when the flash flooding put their lives in danger.

Dylan Huberman spoke with college officials to hear how things unfolded.

Dylan. Just I can confirm that the group is being bussed back home to Pennsylvania as we speak. And thankfully, nobody was hurt. The school’s vice president of marketing and communications, Sam Wagner, says the situation was tense.

“The cell service cut out down there and it was really a challenge to communicate with anyone down there, which always heightens the situation.”

But one student’s international cell phone saved the day, and the National Guard got them out of danger.

“One of the students had an international phone plan, so they were eventually able to contact us with that.”

“And as soon as they got ahold of us, we started reaching out to the parents, obviously, and making sure everyone was aware of the situation, what was going on.”

Wagner spoke to the students over the phone and says they showed their true colors in the face of adversity. The first thing they’re telling me about is just how heartbroken they are for the school.

And, you know, it says a lot about the kind of people that are down there on this trip right now, because the college intends to take up themselves, will definitely be setting down some kind of support here once things get settled there and offering up some kind of support for this community as they deal with this.

Wagner says the group is expected back in PR in the next few hours.


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