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Mother Honors Daughter in a Unique Way

On Thursday a mother honored her daughter who died a year ago  and in a unique way.

Falon Morris died about a year ago in a massive pile-up during a snowstorm on I-80 in Clinton County, a week before her birthday and Christmas.

To honor her memory and spread warmth and kindness, her mother Shannon thought there was no better way to do that than with a free, hot cup of coffee.

“Today is my daughter’s birthday, Falon’s birthday,”

“So, a lot of people will purchase a cake in her honor. And Falon loved coffee. So, when she would be home from New York, she would actually ask me to run in [Greenbean Coffeehouse] with her to get a coffee. So, I thought it was a nice way to remember her and to spread kindness and life — and offering free coffee!”

Her mother Shannon teamed up with Greenbean Coffeehouse in Altoona to make that kindness a reality.

And that’s a word she often brought up during her conversation with 6 News: kindness.

“That’s just the type of person Falon was. Like, she was just naturally kind and light, and so we need more people like that,” Shannon said.

“I mean, we see so much negativity and I thought just a simple act of kindness, I know, can make me feel better. So, I’m hoping it does the same for everybody else.”

An act of kindness takes only one person, and can have a wide-ranging effect in strangers’ lives.

“Well, I’m hoping for people just to continue it, the ripple effect, that the kindness will just carry out throughout the day, and hopefully throughout the year,” Shannon said.

She told us it’s been a tough year without Falon in her family’s life. But, she says her daughter’s death pushed her to live a life full of positivity.

“At times it doesn’t feel real. But honestly, I still feel her presence with me,” Shannon said.

“So, I still feel like her spirit is here with me and I know she would want us to continue to live and be happy.”

Shannon tells us she plans to start a scholarship in her daughter’s name sometime in the spring.

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