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Moneyman Scavenger Hunt Winners

Two people from the Johnstown Area are $10,000 richer after winning Moneyman’s Scavenger Hunt on Saturday. Sarah Jacob and Carey Toth were the first to find the anonymous “Moneyman” at the end of the day after the competition, so they won.

They made 120 stops all over the area for the Scavenger Hunt, taking photos of each stop along the way. The Winners say they’re happy Moneyman gave them the opportunity to win the money, but also learn about new businesses in the area.

We asked them what they’re going to spend their money on. See video for comments from the Winners…

They said they competed in the Scavenger Hunt last year and they were just 20 points away from being in the Top 3, so they say they were extra prepared this year.

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