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Mobile Meth Lab Arrest

Police in DuBois say a Reynoldsville man has been charged for operating a mobile methamphetamine lab that was discovered during a traffic stop, according to a criminal complaint.

Authorities say 39 year old Jeffrey Kline Jr. faces charges of operating a methamphetamine lab, possessing substances with the intent to manufacture drugs, and drug possession, according to court documents.

The complaint states that Kline was stopped last Friday, Jan. 29, after police noticed that his vehicle had an expired inspection sticker.

Officers say Kline appeared “extremely nervous and was shaking,” when looking for his license.

Police learned that Kline was on probation for possessing drug paraphernalia and was on parole for operating a meth lab in 2014.

Officers say Kline continued to appear nervous when questioned if he had any drug paraphernalia in his vehicle.

Police say Kline admitted to having a pipe that he used to smoke marijuana with and began “nervously” digging around his vehicle.

Authorities say an initial search of Kline’s vehicle led to the seizure of a Snus can filled with unused plastic baggies, a plastic baggy containing a crystalline substance, a syringe, a marijuana pipe, and marijuana residue.

Police say officers continued to search the vehicle and discovered a cardboard box with several bottles inside, as well as table salt.

Investigators say the bottles contained what appeared to be gasoline and solvents, which police say indicates a process of making methamphetamine known as “shake and bake.”

Police say officers then asked Kline if he was making methamphetamine at which time he stated that “it was a failed attempt at cooking meth.”

Kline was arrested and is being housed at the Clearfield County Prison, on $50,000 bail, court dockets show.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb. 19.

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