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MLB Agreement

The news baseball fans have longed to hear baseball is indeed back baby. Pending owner approval it appears as if an agreement is in place to end the 99 day lockout and bring the Major League Baseball season back on track for 162 games.

After the first few series of the regular season were cancelled it appears as if baseball won’t have to go to those measures any more because a new CBA deal was struck and we won’t have to worry about doing this again for at least 5 years.

This ends the second longest work stoppage in league history with votes going 16-12 in favor of the agreement between the MLBPA’s eight members of the executive subcommitte and 30 player reps.

In addition to the new CBT, which increases from $230 million to $244 million over the five-year deal, the minimum salary governing players with less than three years of major league service will jump from $570,500 to $700,000, growing to $780,000

Playoffs will expand to 12 teams and the MLB has a 45 day window to implement more rule changes like banning the shift, a pitch clock and larger bases in the 2023 season

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