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Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

This day is usually held every Friday before Mother’s Day.

Many across our area took the time today to salute local military spouses for their strength,patriotism and support.

In Johnstown a recognition ceremony took place inside the 1st Summit Arena at the Cambria County War Memorial.

City. County. And state proclamations were read and military spouses shared their experiences and gratitude for the community’s support.

“I think with military spouse and military familes a lot of times are just kind of unsung heroes, that we don’t want the appreciation because our spouses are the ones doing the hard work but helping the civilian community to understand that we’re also here that they may not necessarily know we’re a military family. There are alot in our area and they may just not see it because there’s not a full installation locally.”

Veterans groups suggest if you know someone who’s dealing with a deployment right now don’t just offer your help.

Instead, they say you should take action, whether it be cutting the grass or making a meal.

Those simple acts of kindness can help make a deployment less overwhelming.

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