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Mental Health and the Ongoing Pandemic

As the Pandemic approaches a year of derailing life in the United States, many people still feel an inability to make change while the Virus persists. Unlike many events in our Nation’s past, it is not easy to see a light at the end of the tunnel if you have a struggling business or have no timetable to receive a Vaccine.

According to Doctor John Erickson, other than wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and constantly washing your hands, there’s not much control we have over the status quo. Dr. Erickson PhD saying: “Living with that daily chronic kind of stress and tension, the drip, drip, drip of daily uncertainty and stress is different I think than what we experienced in 9/11. We essentially have a long term trauma, which for mental health purposes is actually more difficult to deal with than an acute trauma like we had with 9/11. We were able to do something, we acted. The difference with that and (the) Coronavirus is its long term, it’s so uncertain.”

Doctor Erickson added that prioritizing things we can control, like eating well, exercising, resting and family time at home, are of the utmost importance to our Mental Health.

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