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Memorial Chevy Safety Day

With proms, graduations, and Memorial Day coming up, it’s important to make sure you and those around you are safe.

To prepare, Memorial Highway Chevrolet in Windber hosted a Family Safety Day event on Saturday.

“The last thing you tell your kids or your spouse when they leave is, ‘be safe, be careful, drive safe,'” said Andi Palmar with Memorial Highway Chevrolet.

First responders attended to teach local children, teens, and adults how to be safe in many situations.

“We’re covering all different types of safety. Safety in the homes, safety when you’re out camping, and being safe in general. Not necessarily just in your vehicle,” Andi said.

Northern EMS taught community members what to do in emergency situations, like how to stop a bleed.

Misty Plunkard, EMT and Outreach Coordinator with Windber Fire and Northern EMS, said knowing these techniques could save someone’s life before the medical personnel arrive.

“Applying that tourniquet if you don’t have a tourniquet that pressure is really going to, hopefully, prolong their chances of survival until we can get them to the hospital,” Misty said.

Visitors checked out a DUI simulator, showing drivers the dangers of impaired and distracted driving.

Stacie Hickman, Owner of the State Farm Insurance Agency in Davidsville, sponsored the simulation.

“It’s really important to show the kids and the adults in the town how important it is not to be drinking and driving,” Stacie said.

The Johnstown Police Department K-9 Unit also made an appearance.

“The ambulance, the firetrucks, the police cars they’re all open for the kids to get inside and take a look around,”

There were also firework, hunting, and gun safety brochures on display, along with bicycle helmet giveaways.

Andi said it was all in an effort to make sure the community is safe heading into the warmer season.

“We want to make sure that everyone is safe this summer,”

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