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Making Your Vote Count

Monday was the last day to register to Vote in Pennsylvania. Election Offices are scrambling to prepare for the 2020 Election. Whether you vote in-person or through the mail, there are changes Voters should be aware of for the upcoming Presidential Election. We spoke with Cambria County’s Director of Elections, Shirley Crowl, who tells us this year has been busier than ever before. Crowl saying: “We have extra staff on hand right now. We are working 6 to 7 days a week to try and get everything out.” Crowl also adding: “We do have people dropping their ballots off out front here as well as this being the last day to register. People calling to check on their mail in ballots and see where they are at.”

For people choosing to vote in person, precautions will be in place, as well as some polling locations have changed to provide for more social distancing. Crowl saying: “We have extensive COVID-19 supplies that we have provided for every polling location. We hope that our Voters will wear a mask as well as our Poll Workers they are provided a mask and face shields.”

In past years, Cambria County only sent out about 5,000 Absentee Ballots during Presidential Elections. However, with this year’s election during the Coronavirus Pandemic, the County has sent out over 18,000 Mail-in and Absentee Ballots. There are strict instructions that must be followed in order for your Mail-in Ballot to count. Crowl saying: “Your ballot must go into the secrecy envelope, and then it will go into the outer envelope that is going to come back. Then, there is a proclamation on the back that you have to sign and date. You put your address down and send that back to us. It must be in the secrecy envelope in order for us to count it on Election Day.”

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