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Making This Weekend a Safe One

Its almost Valentines Day, which means it’s probably going to be a busy weekend for bars and restaurants in our area.

But what does that mean for your risk of catching COVID? So Dylan Huberman spoke with a local doctor today and tells us what he advises.

“And I think there’s ways to do it smart and better to this year than last year.”

UPMC’s director David Burwell says that because cases are down,

“We’re seeing locally that are declining COVID numbers. Absolutely. We’re seeing that low place that getting together this weekend is possible, but only in small groups. Large gatherings are still going to be a challenge indoors, right? That’s still a much higher likelihood of risk association where you’re aware of your company’s vaccination status.”

Make sure the folks are also have similar similar sort of risk avoidance as you and he says,

“Going out may actually be better for spacing than hosting at home. So at home, you can invite who you want to invite to your party, which, you know, maybe if you’re a Bengals fan, you only want Bengals fans. But I think I think it’s all about spacing. You know, you could do that effectively at a restaurant.”

“I think a lot of the restaurants have done a pretty good job with that, with keeping you with your party. So, you know, if if you were out in a restaurant with a smaller group, say there was a total of four of you that may
actually be substantially less riskier than a house party of 20.”

But if you’re single and ready to mingle at a bar on Valentine’s Day, Dr. Burwell says that may just be cause for some self-reflection.

“I’m definitely not the area expert that I’m sorry about that. But you know, the thing is, you know, I would say that long lasting relationships usually don’t start at a bar.”

“But you know, hey, if we did notice that actually one of the number one requested on internet dating sites is your vaccination status, that was something that was air. I don’t know what to tell you about that scenario.”

“You know, I guess good luck.”

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