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Major Big 12 Shake-Up

The future of College Football as we currently know it could be forever changed. Much like when Penn State went from an Independent to the Big 10 in the early 90s, a momentous shake up could be on the horizon for the Big 12.

According to reports, Oklahoma and Texas are set to inform the Big 12 of their intentions to leave the Conference for the SEC. When this could actually go into place is up in the air still, but it looks like two of the storied programs from the Big 12 are not long for the Conference. And this could send a ripple effect across College Football, because other Schools could look to leave for the likes of the PAC 12 and even the Big Ten.

The Big 12 might dissolve by 2025. That is when the current deal is set to expire, so theoretically OU and UT could leave without penalty in 2025. If they do so before then, they could each be required to pay up to $80 Million. This is momentous and we will continue to follow it as it develops, because it holds residual effects for the likes of Local Programs like not only Penn State but West Virginia as well.

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