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Mainline Vaccines

With the help of the Cambria/Somerset COVID Task Force, Mainline Pharmacy, and 1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health hundreds of people were able to receive the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The clinic at
Somerset Area School District is just one of the many stops Mainline Pharmacy has planned.

“As a pharmacy we are doing 10 of these clinics, from Westmoreland County to Blair county, Cambria. We are vaccinating almost 15,000 people a week.”

Thursday, the clinic took place at the Somerset Golden Eagle Stadium Field House and Friday, another clinic is planned at Meyersdale High School in hopes of making these vaccines more accessible for people in rural regions.

“We don’t want people to have to travel the long distances to get the vaccine so being able to have it in a space that everyone is aware of, the Somerset Field House for example, they know where to go. And it’s being delivered by
trusted individuals in the community which is really important.”

Superintendent of Somerset Area School District, Krista Mathias says the clinic does not interrupt students schedules. She hopes they can host use the facility for more clinics in the future.

“When we had the opportunity to host this event, we were very pleased to do it for our community. We know folks have had a tough time getting the vaccine in some situations and anything we can do to facilitate this happening we are happy to provide that service for our community.”

With the help of these organizations, people like, Lynda Marsh were able to get their vaccine with ease.

“This morning I went ahead and got online and set up my appointment. The line went quickly. It was very well organized. They did a wonderful job.”

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