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Mainline Rx Vaccination Events

Since the start of the Pandemic people wondered when a Vaccine would be ready and now that it’s here the question is when can they get it. On Wednesday, more people in Cambria County will get that shot. We talked with Health Officials to find out how you can be next.

As the COVID-19 Vaccine gets into arms across Pennsylvania you’ve probably wondered when you’ll be next. On Wednesday, Mainline Pharmacy CFO Steve DeCriscio says they’ll have a Vaccination Clinic at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and that’s just the start. DeCriscio adding: “Healthcare Workers, Dentists Offices, even Funeral Directors had no clue how to go about to get this. Yes, the Pennsylvania website says we have them but it doesn’t really give you a whole lot of clues where to go so we’ve tried to reach out to as many people as we can.” But you can’t just show up, DeCriscio says you have to email the Pharmacy to be put on a wait list, and on Thursday there will be another Clinic at Saint Francis University.

Jay Robert, the Director of SFU Disepio Institute Jay Robert adding: “To be able to be one of the first sites, probably one of the first Universities if not in the State the Country to working with a local provider is very very great feeling for the University to help those people in those communities.”

Nearly 10,000 emails have come in from people in search of the Vaccine since Mainline Pharmacy opened sign-ups last week. DeCriscio says they hope to set up mass clinics up to four times a week depending on Vaccine supply. Steve DeCriscio adding: “We believe that having these venues we can probably get the maximum number of people Vaccinated 600 a day, 700 a day just you know really depending on the hours and the amount of time. We’ll just keep working however long it takes until we can get everyone that wants a Vaccine vaccinated.”

To register for your COVID-19 Vaccination, email:

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