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Mainline Pharmacy Vaccinations at St. Francis

Mainline Pharmacy held another vaccination clinic at Saint Francis University Thursday afternoon.

Those who pre-registered, and qualify under the 1A Phase of Pennsylvania’s vaccine rollout plan, could get the vaccine.

“It’s a tremendous feeling of relief that we can get on with our lives,” said vaccine recipient Thomas Nowak.

Faculty who work at the University ages 65 and older also could get vaccinated at the clinic.

Jerry Moschgat, Pharmacist at Mainline Pharmacy, said over 500 people could get vaccinated at the clinic.

He says they’re trying to give out as many vaccinations to the community as they can.

“Five of our ten Mainline Pharmacies are in Cambria County. We opened in Cresson 41 years ago. We’ve been taking care of people that are here today, and some of their parents and children. They’ve always trusted us with their medications and they’ve patronized us, so now it’s time for us to help them out and pay them back, Moschgat said.

He says they bought special freezers to store the vaccines and use portable refrigerators to bring them to these clinics.

Most of the people administering the shots Thursday, he said, are 6th-year pharmacy students.

“Hopefully soon we’ll be able to reengage with family. We have a few grand kids, and we’re looking forward to getting together with them,” said vaccine recipient Jim Stratton.

Everybody who got vaccinated at Saint Francis University on Thursday all received their very first dose of the Moderna vaccine, and before they walked out the doors, they were scheduled to come back in 28 days for their second dose.

Malachi Van Tassell, President of Saint Francis University, said he’s very excited their campus could be a vaccination site.

“I’m happy that we could invite members of the local community onto our campus, so they can get vaccinated, we can start to put an end to the pandemic, and really give people a lot of hope,” he said.

Many of those who received the vaccine on Thursday said it’s a step towards normalcy.

“I didn’t want to get it, and I didn’t want to give it to anybody else,” said Donna Ligas.

There will be more clinics like these in the future at other local colleges.

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