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Mail-in Ballot Preparations

The November General Election is approaching quickly and there are still questions about issues like Mail-in Voting. County Election Administrators are seeing additional challenges with these major questions that go along with election year. Call the Centre County Commissioners, the County’s Election Board optimistic.

They’ve approved an agreement for space at the Penn Stater Conference Centre for five days from October 31rst to the day after the Election, November 4th. Why? For a potential, exetended pre-canvas period to reveiw ballots. Potentially because as of now, mail-in votes cant be counted until Election Day. With as much as 50 percent or even more of the November votes expected through mail-in ballots, it is hoped the State’s Election Law will be changed to allow for an earlier count of the mail-ins.

In a related legal issue, the State Supreme Court recently ruling to allow Republicans in the State Legislature, but not President Trump’s Election Campiagn to intervene in a suit from State Democrats on mail-in voting. A similar Federal Suit filed by the President’s Campaign is on hold until a State Court ruling.

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