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Low Turnout at COVID-19 Testing Site

Jefferson County officials held a free COVID-19 testing site for three days last month, though the turnout was low officials attribute that to the inclement weather.

Of the 80 people who received a free COVID-19 test, the Deputy Director of Emergency Services for Jefferson County said only nine people tested positive.

He said people from Jefferson and surrounding counties came to get tested.

“Even one from Philadelphia County that was traveling through the area that saw the signs and stopped for a test,” said Chris Clark, Deputy Director of Emergency Services for Jefferson County.

I asked Clark if he was disappointed with the low turnout, given that they were able to conduct 450 free tests in four days.

“I would not say disappointed…if it helped one person out and made them feel better then that it was a success at that point,” he said.

Clark said the inclement weather played a role as they closed the clinic early on Saturday and cancelled it on the last day.

He also said the vaccine could’ve played a role in these low numbers.

“I’m sure that in their minds to some people’s minds it’s less of a concern because that vaccine is available and if they’re not presenting symptoms then they’re likely not to go,” he said.

Clark said the only way the county will have another mass vaccination site is if the DOH requests it.


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