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Lookback at Big Ben’s Career

Good evening on what could be the last time we see Big Ben Roethlisberger shoot up at Heinz Field as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Let’s say we take a look back on perhaps five of his greatest plays as a member of the Black and Gold in no specific order.

I’ll start with the touchdown pass back in 2009, as time expired to Mike Wallace to beat the Packers and keep their playoff hopes alive.

The Steelers would finish eight & eight and missed the playoffs that year.

Next up, you might remember Super Bowl XL rundown against the Seattle Seahawks Steelers, yet the score down three nothing Roethlisberger broken play diving for the end zone that would
be ruled a touchdown on the field reviewed. This is one that, over the history of the NFL, has been talked about a lot. Did he break the plane? Didn’t he coach Cower looking on

If they would indeed keep it a touchdown and they would get Jerome Bettis to Super Bowl He would ride off into the sunset in his hometown of Detroit shortly there, after the Steelers
would knock off the Seahawks and win their fifth in franchise history.

Play number three. You might remember this one has been coined by many as the immaculate extension Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown for the goal line touchdown against the Baltimore
Ravens. If Brown did not break the plane, the Steelers would have been hard pressed to spike the ball and run another play because time was about to expire.

Well, Brown got in and the Steelers won the AFC North on that very play rate there.

Go deeper into the career with this next one AFC divisional playoff game. Steelers and Ravens were tied. Antonio Brown is a rookie and on third and 19, Roethlisberger uncorks a 50 yard
bomb with which Brown catches and corrals with one hand on the ball and the ball pinned against his helmet. The rest would be history.

How about Big Ben to Santonio Holmes? Our last play? This was in Super Bowl XLIII against the Arizona Cardinals that won the Steelers the game and their sixth in franchise history.

Holmes with the toe tap. He would be named MVP

And now the Steelers and Browns are in action as we speak. Could be Ben’s last game, as I said at Heinz Field. It’s going pretty well. The Steelers lead at 13.


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